Highlands Campus

Launch Team members are “all-in” on the effort to launch Renewal Church, bless the community, and connect people to Jesus! We realize that God is doing something special here and that we want to be a part of it! It won’t be easy - but it’ll be worth it. Great things are always challenging.

Being on the Launch Team means:
  • Attending most of the every-other-week Pre-Launch Gatherings until weekly worship is launched. When weekly worship is launched, attend often and invite others to join in!
  • Join with the team in generous recurring giving. Our new campus cannot be established and fulfill our mission of connecting people to Jesus without generous financial gifts from Launch Team members. When you give, it honors God as an act of worship and provides for the new ministry. Thanks for your generosity! Visit RenewalDenver.org/Give to set up your gift.
  • Hanging out in your community on a regular basis order to get to know your neighborhood, build new relationships, and invite others to connect with God.
  • As much as possible, attend special events (Work Days, Community Events, etc.).
  • Participate in a LIFEGroup when they are launched in late 2017.
  • When weekly worship is launched, volunteer on a Ministry Team every month (ex: Welcome Team, Worship Band, Technology, Children’s Church, LIFEGroup Coach, Community Events & Service, Facility Maintenance).

  • Meet the team at our next Pre-Launch Community Gathering, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and set up a time to grab some coffee!

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