Highlands Campus

We absolutely love our new location in the Highlands. However, the property does need a little work! Many community members have asked about our plans to renovate the property. Ultimately, we want this to be a welcoming place that gathers people in the community.

What's being planned?
  • The largest parts of the remodel will take place in the Worship Center and Parking lot.
    • The Worship Center is amazing, with timeless architecture and beautiful stained glass - it feels like sacred space. We'll be giving it a refresh and adding the audio / video / lighting technology to support a worship band.
    • The Parking lot will get a new entrance off of Irving Street and will be resurfaced. The Parking lot chain link fence will also be replaced with a more visually-appealing half-height iron fence.

Will you re-open the school?

When will the remodel take place?
  • We hope to begin in November and finish by the end of February, so that we can launch weekly worship services in March.

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